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I never thought I’d grow up and become a metalsmith making jewelry. Up until a few years ago, I was a photographer shooting fashion and product for national brands. It was exciting and creatively challenging, but truth be told, I couldn’t ignore what really makes me happy and that is designing and making things. I see jewelry as a form of self-expression – it tells people who you are, and what you stand for. It’s a part of your story.



                           The making process:  Sliver Swing Earrings

I usually like to start with some kind of sketch. Starting from raw stock I need to think about the assembly order, materials, size and weight of the make. I want the earrings to have some movement so a pin hinge at the top should allow this. The ear wire needs to be soldered on as it is part of the design. I'd like to see fairly crisp corners so a lot of filing and buffing will be in order. Here's a snap shot to the method and the madness. 

 And Voila!